CAPiDi 10A EU 2 Pin Memory Safe Timer Adapter 1-7 Hours in White

SKU: CAPiDi EU 2 Pin Memory Safe Timer Adapter 1-7 Hrs 10A White
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CAPiDi ultra-compact memory-timer, for grounded wall socket, turns off power after the selected setting. Extra secure digital timer with 2-pole switch and light indicator showing remaining time. The timer is very easy to use, just press 1-4ggr for the desired time interval.

It can be turned on for up to 7 hours per selected start time, or several start times during the day. The timer is plugged into the socket at the appropriate start time of the day and is switched on depending on whether 1-7 hours are selected.

Next day, the timer will start and shut down after the same pattern. Press and hold the button for three seconds to reset the memory.
European Plug Output