UPROSA Slim Line Case for Apple iPhone X in Citrus Ocean

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Vogue pick and all-time bestseller: Citrus Ocean is the perfect fashion case for any occasion. The design features citric acid forming colliding oceanic waves when looking at it through the lens of a microscope. Under polarized light clear crystals turn into brilliant oranges, blues and greens making this iPhone X cover the ultimate science gadget! br>

Created by Ingrid Parrington: Ingrid holds a BS (field: Neuroscience) from Central Michigan University, and DO from Michigan State University.

These slimline cases (1mm thick) feature a one-component polycarbonate shell which are durable and lightweight protecting from bumps and scratches on the back, left, and right side.

100% real scientific images and full wrap 3D print covering each visible side of the cases with a bright, vivid, long lasting gloss finish.

Precision fit for your device with easy access to camera, charging socket and volume controls.

• Real scientific image

• Bright, vivid designs

• Scratch resistant

• Protects from bumps

• Gloss finish

• Ultra slim

• 3D full wrap print

• Case wraps around buttons

• Print inside of case
Apple iPhone X