Parrot Minidrone Hydrofoil Newz Water Drone in White

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Parrot Hydrofoil Newz is a latest-generation minidrone. It can glide on water just as well as it flies through the air. Fast and strong, its propeller technology allows it to make quick movements and reach incredible top speeds. With the NewZ version, it's time for secret agent missions!

Whizz Across The Water

Parrot Hydrofoil Newz is a hybrid minidrone. Add the two floaters to its hull and it is transformed into an ultra high-performance boat! On lakes or in swimming pools, it can reach speeds of 6.21 mph. At top speed, it can lift itself 5 or 6 cm out of the water. If you love sport, you'll love this!

Sprint Through The Air

Detach it from its hydrofoil and let it take off! Parrot Hydrofoil Newz flies everywhere and can now reach speeds of 11.18 mph. Its hovering is extremely precise. Indoors or outdoors in light winds, prepare yourself for the best flight experiences!

Destination: Acrobatics

Manoeuvre your drone using your smartphone or tablet. With a single swipe on the screen, Parrot Hydrofoil Newz makes 90° and 180° turns. With just a click, it loops to the front, back and side. Take on the elements or your adversaries in complete confidence: its propellers will simply cut out in the event of impact. Extreme courses and chases are yours!

Photograph All Of Your Exploits!

Capture your adventures with the on-board mini-camera. In aquatic mode, the Parrot Hydrofoil keeps its balance and automatically stabilises itself. In aerial mode, it offers greater flight stability. This ultra-sophisticated technology makes the Parrot Hydrofoil Newz one of the most stable quadricopters on the market. Perfect, you'll have images to remember your performances by!