Skross 1.0m BUZZ Alarm Apple Lightning Charge and Sync Cable in White

SKU: Skross Charge & Sync Buzz Alarm Lightning USB 1m White
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SKROSS charge & sync alarm cable with theft protection and reminder function.  The cable calls you with a buzz meaning you will never forget your cable again!

You will love your SKROSS BUZZ cable. It reliably charges and synchronises Lightning smartphones and tablets. Additionally it alarms you with a signal tone as soon as the USB device is disconnected from the cable protecting your device from theft-protected and reminding you not to leave it behind wherever you have used it.

Technical Specifications

Input voltage: 5 V

Output voltage: 5 V

Output current: max. 2.4 A

Cable length: 1 m

Apple certified

  • Buzz notification when device is disconnected.
  • 1m Cable
  • Apple certified
Apple Lightning