Choetech Adjustable Desk Phone and Tablet Holder in White

SKU: Choetech Adjustable Desk Phone Holder White
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Height & Angle Adjustable
This ergonomically designed phone holder and aluminium alloy arm is extendable and provides multiple adjustments to find your ideal position. The bracket can be extended between 9.06"-11.8".

Wide Compatibility
Due to the adjustable frame, it can stably support devices between 4" and 10".

Stable & Security
The weighted metal base and rugged, fireproof ABS exterior shell provides a low centre of gravity so it can be stable when holding a heavier device such as an iPad. 

Durable Design
The anti-scratch silicone back, cradle and bottom of the holder provides maximum protection for your device and prevents scratching and sliding. The precision hole can be used to charge your phone whilst remaining in the holder.