Choetech USB-C to USB-C 3.0 Cable 1m in Black

SKU: Choetech Cable 3.0 USB-C/USB-C 1m Black
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USB-IF Certified
Counterfeit USB Type-C Cables could damage or destroy your devices, while this cable from Choetech is certified by USB-IF and complies with the USB-IF specification. It can be used safely and with confidence on USB-C devices.

Supports Video Output & USB Power Delivery
The cable is electronically marked with an E-marker IC, enabling a USB-C device with DP alt mode such as MacBook Pro to deliver up to 4K video image to a USB-C compatible TV and delivering up to 60W of power.

Reversible Design
The USB-C's user-friendly design helps you plug and unplug easily without checking the connector orientation.

Universal Compatibility
It is a universal cable for use with USB-C computers, tablets and more.

Popular USB Type C Compatible Devices
- 2016 MacBook Pro
- 2015/2016 MacBook 12"
- ChromeBook Pixel 2015
- Lenovo Yoga 900
- Dell XPS 13/15
- Google Pixel C
- Nokia N1
- Google Pixel/Pixel XL

Please Note:
Using the cable with the Nexus 5x is NOT recommended.