Impact Gel Crusader Lite for Samsung Galaxy S8+

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Lightweight and shock-absorbent, Impact Gel's unique, innovative gel core wraps your cell phone for Xtreme Armour Protection. This military-grade tested and approved gel has been drop tested to 20 feet. Upon impact, the gel dissipates shock and vibration away from your phone. This tough, durable and shock-resistant phone case still maintains an ultra-slim design that is comfortable to hold and slides easily into your pocket!

• 2mm of eco-friendly Impact Gel provides your phone with XTREME ARMOUR protection against accidental drops and falls
• Ultra slim design for comfort in hand and an easy fit into your pocket
• Access to all buttons and features on the phone, including flash opening for ideal picture taking
• Military grade tested and approved Impact Gel dissipates impact and vibration away from your phone
• Simple clear design offers a scratch and yellowing resistant material
• Raised edge bevel protects the device screen from cracks and chips

The Technology:
Impact Gel XTREME ARMOUR provides your phone with protection against accidental drops and falls using 2mm of eco-friendly gel. The innovative gel absorbs kinetic energy during impact by dissipating shock and vibration away from the phone.

Impact Gel Technology offers critical protection - moving shock, weight and heat laterally throughout the gel. Impact Gel is a natural based green product derived from soy and other natural oils. The manufacturing process requires no application of temperature or pressure change.

Shock Absorption
The patented Impact Gel compound is derived from soybean oil and polymerized into one long, loosely cross-linked, flexible molecule that is folded back on itself many times. These sections can easily slide past each other while remaining connected, thereby absorbing and dissipating unprecedented amounts of kinetic energy.
Samsung Galaxy S8+