Samsung LED View Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in Silver

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Protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 screen from harm and keep up to date with your notifications through the intuitive LED display with the official Silver LED cover from Samsung. Beautiful and functional, the Official Samsung LED Cover is also brilliant in terms of form. Featuring a stylish dot matrix design that harks to be a simpler time when dot matrix displays appeared on machines, clocks, railway departure indicators etc. This case will fill you with feelings of nostalgia when you view your notifications in this style. The LED display details information on your phone's status including current time, calls, messages, battery status, volume to name just a few - viewed quickly and easily from the front of the cover without the need to open the case to view the Note 10's screen directly.
    Official Samsung accessory made for the Galaxy Note 10
      Integrated credit card slot
        Provides comprehensive protection for your phone and the screen
          Edge coating with a premium feel
            Automatic sleep / wake
              Slimline and durable construction
Samsung Galaxy Note 10